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Haveli Part 1 Ullu Cast, Review, Story

By Sonu Panchal

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Haveli Part 1 Ullu

There was a lot of discussion about Haveli Part 1 Ullu series for a long time and this series was in the headlines for a long time, the reason for this is also that a very brilliant actress was cast in this series, the same series has also been delayed twice.

So is this series releasing now and if it is releasing then on which date is this series going to come, as well as which actresses are in the series, you will get all this information today.

As the trailer of this series was released a long time ago, at that time the release date of this series was confirmed on March 15, but due to some reason this series was not released at that time, then the second trailer was released in which the release date was confirmed and even on March 22 this series was not released, but now the good news is that this series is coming.

Haveli Part 1 Ullu Story

A big update has come, yes again a new trailer has been released by Ullu, in which the trailer of this series has been presented again in front of the people with some changes, and this time the release date of this series is 29th March, yes now it has been confirmed that this series is releasing on 29th March.

Story Summary: Now let us talk about the story of this series, as you can guess from the title of this series what kind of story it is going to be, but still let me tell you that this whole story is going to be based on an old mansion and this series is going to be horror, so the story of the series will be quite unique and you are going to enjoy the story a lot.

Haveli Part 1 Ullu Cast

  • Ritu Rai
  • Priya Gamre
  • Priyanka Chaurasia
  • Saurabh Sewal

I had already told you that the casting in this series has been done very well, as you can see, three big actresses have been cast in this series and all three are well known for their series and people eagerly wait for their series, this is happening for the first time that these three are seen together in the same series, so the series is going to be very interesting.

Haveli Part 1 Ullu Details

TitleHaveli Part 1
PlatformUllu Original
Total Episode1,2 Episode Released
Actress NameRitu Rai
Priya Gamre
Priyanka Chaurasia
Saurabh Sewal
Release Date29th March 2024

Haveli Part 1 Ullu Review

Finally this series is being released, it has been a long time since this series and the release date of the series has also been changed twice, so now there is no need to panic because friends, now the new release date of this series has come and now this release date will not be changed, yes now this series is going to come on the same release date.

There are many rumors about the series that the series is not going to be that special, so look, this series has not been released yet, something can be said only when this series is released, right now let us tell you that two parts of this series will be released in which a total of 8 episodes are going to come and in this first part which is being released, 4 episodes will be released.

There is not much information about who is the director of this series, but yes, the day this series is released, the name of the director will also be revealed, that day you will get to know which director has directed this series.

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