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Kasturi Part 2 Ullu Cast, Story, Release Date

By Sonu Panchal

Published on:

Kasturi Part 2 Ullu

Ullu has released another trailer for its viewers and the name of this web series is Kasturi Part 2 and people have liked the trailer of this web series very much and they have also enjoyed it, although Ullu had already released part one of this web series which was liked by the people.

That is why Ullu has also released part 2 of this web series, yes, in this article we are going to tell you when you are going to see this web series and which actress has been cast in this web series and along with that we are also going to tell you some reviews about this web series which have been given by the people, you are going to get to see all this information in our article.

Kasturi Part 2 Ullu Cast

Yes, let’s talk about the cast of this web series, so let me tell you guys that your favorite lead actress is going to be seen in it, who has charmed people a lot with her acting, that is why Ullu has appointed these actresses in this web series, now without delaying, let us tell you which cast you are going to see in this web series, so your favorite Khushi Mukherjee is going to be seen playing the lead role and we can hope that this actress is going to give you guys a lot of fun with her acting and along with that you are going to see other actresses in it as well.

  • Khushi Mukherjee – Kasturi
  • Sunil Sikand – Dahad Singh
  • Sanjay Bhardwaj – Jay
  • Preveen Yadav – Jalwa Singh
  • Ujjwal Singh – Hathoda Singh

Kasturi Part 2 Ullu Story

Let me tell you that the story of this web series is going to be very interesting as you must have seen part one of this web series, then you must have also seen that in this web series a nurse has been brought home and in the second part.

It has been shown that the nurse who was brought home although she was not a nurse, everyone came to know about this, that is why nurse fulfills the wish of every person, this much has been shown in the trailer of this web series and people are going to enjoy watching this web series and people have liked this web series a lot, the story of this series has been shown to the people in two parts and if you want more information then you have to watch this web series.

Kasturi Part 2 Ullu Release Date

If we talk about the release date of this web series, then you are going to see this web series very soon because Ullu has told the release date of this web series in its trailer, you are going to see this web series on June 11, 2024

Kasturi Part 2 Details

Total Ep4,5,6 Episode Released
Actress NameKhushi Mukherjee
LanguageHindi & More
Release Date11th June 2024

Kasturi Part 2 Review

Yes, now let’s talk about the review of this web series, people have liked this web series a lot, if we talk about the previous web series, then people did not like that web series very much, due to which Ullu has made this web series interesting which people are going to like and people hope that all the upcoming web series are going to be good.

This is the reason why Ullu is bringing one better than the other web series for its viewers and it is also being liked by the people, although Ullu has also shown some such web series to its viewers which people have not liked, that is why Ullu is making its new web series in its old style and people are also liking it because people want to see such web series. And we will know only after the release of this web series how good this web series has proved to be.

Sonu Panchal

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