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Red Light Part 1 Ullu Cast, Story Release Date

By Sonu Panchal

Published on:

Red Light Part 1 Ullu

Recently, a series was released by Ullu, that series has now ended and a new series Red Light has been announced by them, yes, recently this series has been announced and the trailer of this series has also been released. 

However, the release date of this series has also been announced so far and this series is being released today, which actress has been cast in the series as well as how many episodes are coming in the series, all this information is in this article.

Red Light Part 1 Ullu Story

This OTT platform is known for its series and they release two series every week, in such a situation, whenever a series is released, that series is released in two parts and whenever that series ends, even after a few days, the trailer of a new series is seen, in such a situation, another new series has been announced again.

The name of the series is somewhat different, from the name of this series itself you must be getting an idea of ​​the story somewhere, as you are thinking, a similar story is going to be in this series as well.

Story Summary: This series has been released till now and you must be getting to know about the story of the series from its name itself that what kind of story is going to be there in the series, currently this series has been released and many people have come to know about the story of this series till now, however the story of this series is not completed yet, the story of this series will be completed in part 2 and only after this the story of this series will end.

Red Light Part 1 Ullu Cast

  • Aayat Khan – Prabha
  • Rani Pari Shaikh – Isha
  • Alina Sen – Sethani
  • Jagjeet Chachal – Rahul

This OTT platform is very popular and they spend a lot on their series, the budget of this series is very high, the makers have done very good casting in this series, as let me tell you, you are going to see three excellent actresses in this series.

Although other supporting actresses are also going to be seen in this series, but these three actresses are very popular and people eagerly wait for their series and it always remains in the news, in such a situation, if all three are seen in this series, then the series is going to be quite amazing.

Red Light Part 1 Details

TitleRed Light
PlatformUllu Original
Total Episode4,5,6. Ep Coming
Actress NameAayat KhanRani PariAlina Sen
Release Date7th May 2024

Red Light Part 1 Ullu Review

This series has been released now and three episodes of the series have been released so far, you all know that there are three actresses in this series, so in the first episode there is only the introduction, while in the second episode some of the story is shown and in the third episode there is a little glimpse of Rani Pari, rest of its story is fine, you are not going to get what you are expecting from it, but yes this series will not bore you either.

Sonu Panchal

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