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Bhabhi Ke Deewane Bull Cast, Review, Story

By Sonu Panchal

Published on:

Bhabhi Ke Deewane Bull

These days, a lot of new web series are being released, in such a situation, this OTT platform is also not going to stay behind, yes, a new web series has been announced by them and in fact, till now the trailer of this new series has also been released, when is this series being released and which actresses are seen in the series, we will know further.

Bhabhi Ke Deewane Bull Story

The way web series used to be in trend earlier, now that time has changed and currently in web series the focus is only on the story, the kind of mindset you have, that we will get to see this, that is not available now.

The only strong point of web series is that whatever web series are coming, they show crime related stories, although there are some new OTTs which are releasing web series like before but these OTTs will also make changes in their web series after some time and these will also release their web series like the rest.

Story Summary: The story of this series is quite different. The story of a village is seen in the series and this story is about two boys and a girl. You are going to like this story. This series has now been released. The story of the series has also been completely revealed to everyone.

Bhabhi Ke Deewane Bull Cast

  • Ayushi Jaiswal
  • Gaurav Singh

Bhabhi Ke Deewane Details

TitleBhabhi Ke Deewane
PlatformBull Original
Total Episode1,2 Ep Released
Actress NameAyushi Jaiswal
Release Date25th April 2024

Bhabhi Ke Deewane Bull Review

After a long time, a series of Ayushi Jaiswal has come and this series has been quite amazing, the story of the village is being seen and the story of the village is liked by the people, however this series has been released now and only one episode of this series has been released.

According to some sources, the second episode of this series can be released today in the evening and this is only the first part of this series, that is, all of you are going to see part 2 of this series.

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Personal Opinion: I did not like the style of making of this series seen in the trailer at all because looking at the way it is seen in the trailer, it seems that from Ayushi Jaiswal to all the other actors, they are doing everything except acting.

Meaning there is so much overacting in the set designed for this series and all the actresses who are seen performing in this set, the performance of all the actresses and this set is totally poor.

Bull Originals shows a lot of good scenes anyway, so the scenes are going to be fine, there is no need to worry too much about them.

Sonu Panchal

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