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Machhli Part 1 Ullu Cast, Review, Story

By Sonu Panchal

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Machhli Part 1 ulll Cast

Ullu is going to present another new web series to you all, yes in this web series you will get to see Priyanka Chaurasia and Rani Pari actresses, now you must be thinking what kind of name is Machhli, then let me tell you that this web series is story based.

In which more attention has been given to the story than the scene, it seems that now Ullu is leaving its main content and giving more emphasis on horror mystery and thriller content.

Earlier Haveli web series was also based on a horror theme, no date has been given yet as to when this web series will be available to watch, just coming soon has been shown.

Machhli Part 1 Ullu Story

Let us tell you that no trailer of the series has been released yet, but information about this series has been given on their main site. Yes, this series has come on Coming Soon there, from this it has been known that this series will be released soon. At present, no release date of this series has been confirmed, but this series will be released in April itself.

Story Summary: Talking about the story, there is a young couple in the story who run away from their homes, then their friend suggests them to stay in a hostel but that hostel and its caretaker are very strange, the girl also does not like that hostel at all but the boy consoles her.

The next morning more people are found in that hostel, out of which one couple lives with his wife, then that man’s wife tells the girl the mysterious things about the hostel that people disappear here overnight.

Actually friends, all this work is done by the caretaker of this hostel because he keeps an eye on all the girls coming to his hostel, then in the end he asks to do all that with that girl too, hearing which she gets shocked.

Machhli Part 1 Ullu Cast

  • Sanyam Rohilla – Tanmay
  • Priyanka Chaurasia – Palak
  • Gaurav Singh – Guddu
  • Minakshi Devi – Mehek

The casting of this series is also amazing and as its title is unique and the story is also very unique, let me tell you that the role of both these actresses is very special in the web series and both of them are known for their series, so with the arrival of both of them, this series becomes quite amazing.

Machhli Part 1 Ullu Details

PlatformUllu Original
Total Episode1,2,3 Ep Released
Actress NameSanyam Rohilla
Priyanka Chaurasia
Minakshi Devi
LanguageHindi & Other
Release Date12th April 2024

Machhli Part 1 Ullu Review

Currently, there is no update about this series. When the series is going to be released but this series is going to be amazing because two amazing actresses are going to be seen in this series.

Let us tell you that the trailer of this series will be released on Wednesday and only after that the release date of this series will be confirmed and as far as it seems, this series will be released only after the upcoming series Haveli Part 2.

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